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Definition of an Altar: A raised structure or platform on which to honor or give offerings to a deity or revered being of high esteem, usually containing sacred objects or objects representative of, or pleasing to, those being honored thereon.

If you’re working with the Fairies, don’t forget to leave them little thank you gifts. Showing appreciation of their contribution to your life is very important to them. You will be richly rewarded if you express your appreciation, and you may be neglected by the Fairy Folk if you do not.

On my Altar I have two tiny wine glasses and a little glass tray as well as a tiny vase...

There are a couple ways that you can do this. Indoors you can build a little altar to leave Fairy offerings. If you choose an indoor Altar, try to put it somewhere in your house that is an out-of-the-way place and not near heavy traffic. You can place small bright objects there, such as shells or pretty stones, pieces of glass polished by the ocean, or glass marbles and the like. On my Altar I have two tiny wine glasses and a little glass tray as well as a tiny vase. You can keep this filled with a little wine, a tiny piece of pastry, such as Baklava (they love honey) and a flower or two in your little vase. The Fairies enjoy the essence of your food offerings, even though they don’t eat them. Try to keep it sacred to your Fairies and change the food offerings and the flowers often, as well as the small bright objects you have left them. If you are the forgetful type you might want to use a pretty silk flower instead, so that your Fairy Altar doesn’t end up looking neglected. They won’t think that you are grateful for their services, if their special place is neglected. My altar also contains feathers from the birds outdoors and twigs and acorns from our yard. Any part of Nature is pleasing to them.

If you have a place to do so outdoors, you can build a little outdoor Altar or Fairy House for them. Again, try to put this where it is out of the mainstream of traffic, and try to keep it sacred to them. You can plant things for them, such as a flowering perennial. A flowering plant with a wonderful scent will be much appreciated. Keep the plants small and to their scale. You can use a gourd to make a fairy house, or build one of stones or other natural objects such as fallen branches, or bark from fallen trees. By all means do not destroy nature in order to build your Fairy shrine, or you will have the Fairies angry with you instead of happy! An outdoor Fairy Altar can contain offerings such as acorns, bird feathers, and other natural items. You can also decorate it with miniatures or put a Fairy door into a hollow tree. Food items put outdoors will most likely disappear to the benefit of the local wildlife, and your little shrine will likely be disturbed by Squirrels or Chipmunks if it contains food items. If your Fairy Shrine is sturdy and not easily disturbed, then by all means put food out if you like, as the Fairies will thank you for your contribution to Nature.

Use your imagination. If you listen with your inner ear for your Fairies input; and they will help you set up the sort of Fairy Altar or Shrine that they prefer. It can be a fun creative project for you and you may be surprised at what a clever and enjoyable little spot you can create in a quiet corner of your yard. Remember that the more natural it is, the better the Fairies will like it.