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The Fairies have been here since before time was. They will be here still when time is no more. Stories abound as to their nature. They came in those days, out of the mists, and to the mists they will return after the end of time passes as we know it. They are the beautiful race, beautiful and most fair; awe inspiring, and most fearful; changeable, eternal, ageless. A Fairy can be large or small, or change itself into a beast or a hag, if s/he so chooses. They are wild and free and don’t live by any rules but their own. They can appear or disappear in the blink of an eye. They can fade in and out of physical view, tantalizing a human viewer. They can be large or small as it suits them. They are Shape Shifters and they have uses for traveling in the form of a bird or an animal. But of course, these are disguises, beauty is the form they most inhabit, as Fairy’s own beauty is most pleasing to itself as well as to others. They can be gentle and benevolent or angry and terrible all in the blink of an eye. They are lovers of plants and animals; and woe to the human who is found disturbing the balance of nature.

A Fairy can be large or small, or change itself into a beast or a hag..

Theirs is a powerful energy force - the purest of Magic. And Magic is a manipulation of Energy, of which they are the Masters. Mere humans in these latter days, do not understand the manipulation of Energy. Still if a mortal being comes into the energy field of Fairy he will feel it and be awed.

To be awed by their energy is one thing, to be awed by their beauty is another. Fairies are by their very nature desirable. Theirs is a beauty unblemished by any flaw; a beauty that is far beyond the bounds of this mortal world we live in. Many a mere mortal has been lured from all he held dear, and taken off to Fairyland because he found a Fairy Being irresistible. And woe unto the human who himself has been found desirable by a Fairy being. Beautiful humans and talented human musicians attract the Fairies and become objects of desire for them.

But the Fairy nature is changeable and to our eyes fickle. While a human, taken by Fairy, may be smitten for all of a lifetime and beyond, the Fairy has aeons of time to fill and may become bored and turn its back on the human who has given up his very life to follow his passion for the Fairy. He will then serve his time like a sad slave; bereft, until such a time as the Fairy deems fit to send him back to his mortal life. The Fairies do not experience time as we know it. Being Immortal they do not keep track of the passing of time. A human who has been to the land of Fairy for a few days may return to find that many years have passed in his own time. He may return to find his loved ones passed on in his absence. The human’s sorrow will be great. He will never recover from his desire for the Fairy and he will have lost much of what mattered to him in his mortal life.

Babies too are often desired by the Fairies and are taken, or traded for. The Fairies are said to leave a “Changling” in place of the human baby - a Fairy baby is left in the human baby’s place. This Changling child then grows up to be wild and unnatural, with strange powers and magic that the human child would never be capable of. This child is a bane to his family as they do not know how to manage the magical child.

A great deal is written on the subject of Fairies and here we only brush the surface. To find more sources of information please choose the “Booklist” from the menu. I have included Fairy Art Books, Fairy Literature and Fairy Poets, giving you names and topics you can search out for yourself. Also see my list of Website Links. There are volumes of internet information on this topic. In your pursuit of knowledge, remember to honor and respect them. May the Fairies find you worthy and may your pursuit of them be fruitful and bring great magic into your life!